Elevated Video: CTV Views From TripleLift, Havas, Dentsu, Tastemade, Team Whistle, MediaScience, Amagi, GroupM

What is the role of native advertising in TV? Certainly, basic product placements and infomercials have existed for a long time. But now, new techniques offered by connected TV platforms promise a lot more. In Elevated Video, a Beet.TV leadership series presented by TripleLift, eight executives explored what that opportunity looks like. 1. Content ad […]


Havas’ Sedlarcik Goes Long On Short-Form Ads

In the last couple of years, the ad industry has undergone some of its most profound ever change. New limits from privacy regulation and shifts in consumer behavior provoked by the rise in ad-free media are redefining advertising. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Peter Sedlarcik, managing partner for Havas’ Media Group’s health practice, explains […]


FAST Must Fight Ad Fatigue: Amagi’s Srinivasan KA

BANGALORE –  FAST is exploding. Free Ad-Supported TV options are rising growing fast. According to eMarketer, in January 2021, just over a third (34%) of US households that had video streaming capability used ad-supported streaming services. But, whilst 26% of that was AVOD (ad-supported video on demand), the remaining 8% was something more familiar to […]


Branded Content Helps to Engage Younger Audiences: Team Whistle’s Anthony Susi

Younger audiences have been at the forefront of watching video on connected devices like mobile phones, tablets and smart TVs. Team Whistle seeks to engage those audiences with original content while also supporting brand integrations that help marketers prolong exposure to their brands. The digital sports and entertainment company has more than 50 series distributed […]


‘There’s a New Paradigm for Brand Integrations on TV’: MediaScience’s Duane Varan

Measuring the effectiveness of brand integrations in television programming can be challenging with traditional surveys that ask viewers to recall whether they saw a product placement. Research technology platform MediaScience aims to reduce possible biases in those study results by comparing how people respond to different versions of the same programming – one with the […]


Native Advertising Has Key Role in Future of Ad-Supported TV: TripleLift’s Michael Shields

The popularity of ad-free streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ has led to speculation about the future of ad-supported television. Native advertising that seamlessly integrates product placements within programming is emerging as a viable way for brands to reach consumers. “We’re looking at providing a more integrated, less interruptive experience that we think is responding […]


Tastemade’s Imberman Feasts On A Full Menu Of Ad Options

If there were a recipe for creating a modern, multi-channel media empire for millennials, Tastemade might have written it. Founded in 2012, the company publishes videos on global cuisine and has grown its distribution footprint across a plethora of social platforms, over-the-top TV devices, software services and MVPDs. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jeff […]


Immersive Ad Experiences Promise Optimized Results: Dentsu’s Sarah Stringer

Advertisers have more ways to reach consumers among a growing variety of media channels, and emerging technologies promise to make those moments of connection more engaging. The goal is to avoid inundating the viewers with the same adds on connected TV (CTV), over-the-top (OTT) platforms and linear TV. “The industry now is challenged because we […]


Customized Ads at Scale Are Key to Optimized Video Campaigns: GroupM’s Liza Davidian

Advertisers that are seeking to optimize their video campaigns among a variety of media channels should develop a strategy to personalize their messaging as consumers come into the purchase funnel. Those media channels include the growing number of ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) services that have premium programming. “When I think about ways to optimize […]