SAN JUAN, PR — It already provides an “addressable TV intelligence layer” to European broadcasters. Now TVbeat of London and Zagreb is coming to America.

“The modern TV media company, they have fragmented inventory (just) as they have fragmented viewership. These companies are using different technology stacks.

“When you have (an) ad server for VOD and you have (an) addressable linear server, these systems just don’t work with each other.”

TVbeat’s software goes in to each system, obtains and normalizes each data set and provides it back to clients.

The company operates mostly in Europe, counting clients as Sky (UK), Canal+ (France), Proximus (Belgium) and Canal Digital (Scandinavia). But Farazin says he has “big plans” for the US, focused on the two minutes available to MVPDs and the full gamut available to networks.

TVbeat already has an office in Palo Alto and just opened another one in New York.

Farazin was interviewed by TV[R]EV co-founder Alan Wolk at Beet Retreat San Juan 2020, where he was a participant.

This video was produced at the Beet Retreat San Juan 2020 sponsored by 605, DISH Media, NBCU, Roundel & Tubi. For more videos from the series, please visit this landing page.