Privacy Regulations Will Spur Data Sharing: VideoAmp’s Parkes

SAN JUAN, PR – In the new world of marketing, a host of speed humps lay on the road ahead. GDPR, CCPA and other new privacy regulations challenge seek to limit companies’ use of consumers’ data. But Michael Parkes doesn’t see speed humps, he sees a ramp. “I actually think privacy is going to be […]


Commmonality Is Key: Samba TV’s Ackerman

SAN JUAN, PR — The ad industry needs to start talking the same language and cooperating on data sharing if all players are going to elevate to meet the opportunity of advanced targeting techniques. That is according to Dan Ackerman, Samba TV chief revenue officer. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ackerman talks about the […]


Inside The Mouse’s Data House, With Disney’s McGraw

SAN JUAN, PR — Not many entertainment companies out there can claim the audience scale that Disney can. After several acquisitions like Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox in recent years, that scale has growth even further, as the company also looks to develop a stronger relationship of its own with paying customers. In […]


Plug Connected TV’s Knowledge Gap: Innovid’s Chalozin

SAN JUAN, PR — With so many interconnecting points and possibilities in the new world of advanced TV ad targeting, ad buyers are getting confused about who is who, what is what, and how effective it is. That is the view of one technology leader who thinks simplicity needs to be restored. In this video […]


Matter More Media’s Scheppach: Linear TV Is On Its Way to Being 35% Addressable

SAN JUAN– We’re at the tipping point for addressable. In an interview with Alan Wolk of TVREV at the Beet Retreat earlier this month in San Juan, Tracey Scheppach, CEO of Matter More Media, explained that we’re now on the right path to increase the addressable inventory. Scheppach was a pioneering advance TV senior executive, […]


Nielsen’s Addressable TV Beta Focusing On ‘Mechanics’

SAN JUAN, PR — Nielsen is working with seven US TV networks to beta-test addressable TV advertising technology, ahead of a planned full launch later this year. A+E Networks, AMC Networks, ViacomCBS, Discovery, Fox, NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia will run dynamically swapped-out ads ads in live linear TV feeds, under the scheme launched in January. “The […]


Dentsu’s Maggie Zhang: ‘Measurement Is Not Just the Output’

As more video sources become available, the landscape is becoming fragmented. In an interview with Beet.TV, Maggie Zhang, executive vice president of video research and insights at Dentsu Aegis Network, discussed the data-access challenges and opportunities in today’s television industry. Consumers today are screen-agnostic, and watch content from anywhere. Yet with these evolved consumption habits, […]


Addressable Scale Is Growing: LiveRamp’s Prasad

SAN JUAN, PR — Advertisers should embrace the new opportunity to use their own audience data to buy targeted ads not just on digital platforms but on TV. That is according to a tech exec who says “addressable” technology is coming on stream faster than ever. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jay Prasad, chief strategy […]


Strength In Offline & TV: Experian’s Danaher

SAN JUAN, PR — In the last decade of media, the industry may have conditioned itself to think of digital platforms and online connectivity as offering the best opportunities. But that before the rise of super-powered new TV ad capabilities, and before the sun started to set on some of digital’s key levers. In this […]


Interoperability Is Key: VideoAmp’s Levine

SAN JUAN, PR — In a world of incredible opportunities to reach audiences across new devices, proliferating devices also pose a problem to advertisers looking to understand their marketing effectiveness. “The trend in TV today or video overall is heavily fragmented across channels<” says Jessica Levine, VP of enterprise solutions, in this video interview with […]


Blockchain Can Ease Connected TV Ad Tax: Manningham

SAN JUAN, PR — In the not-to-distant future, blockchain-enabled technology could help TV advertisers more accurately measure the effectiveness of their ads and reduce fees paid to intermediaries. That is the promise of Blockgraph, a division of Comcast’s FreeWheel that has been working on realizing the potential. The initiative was launched in December 2018, counting […]


Roundel’s Kristi Argyilan: Shopper Marketing Is the “New Black”

SAN JUAN– When Target began using its own first-party data – comprised of information culled from 100 million guests – in its own marketing strategy, it saw a better performance than the past third-party data it had been using from partners. That data included online search, transaction and offline data, a key differentiator. “When you […]


Xandr Goes To Mexico: Paley On LatAm Expansion

SAN JUAN, PR — AT&T’s Xandr digital ad unit is expanding its overseas markets, starting with Latin America. The division includes prior acquisitions like AppNexus and Clypd, making Xandr a key player for helping AT&T TV and video services offer targeted advertising capabilities. Now Allison Paley, Xandr’s director of corporate strategy, wants to take tehat […]


Addressable Is More Than TV Targeting: DISH’s Arrix

SAN JUAN, PR — For marketers, the single promise of so-called “addressable” TV technology used to be simply targeted advertising. But, in 2020, the promise is much greater than that. Now broadcast platforms are discovering they can offer advertisers a more diverse set of use cases than just targeting alone. In this one-on-one interview at […]


Furious’s Swartz on Confronting the Challenges of Addressable

SAN JUAN, PR – Like clockwork every year, predictions are made that addressable TV is nearing a tipping point and will soon become ubiquitous. But TV buyers and sellers are still coming up against significant headwinds that have slowed adoption. “There’s this dark side of addressable with many challenges yet to be addressed, and we […]


WideOrbit’s Eric Mathewson: We’re Making Transactions Easier For Marketers

SAN JUAN. PR – As leaders in advertising management, WideOrbit has a robust marketplace of their own. In an interview with Beet.TV at the Beet Retreat in San Juan, Eric Mathewson, CEO of WideOrbit, discussed the importance of having a robust inventory. Having started 20 years ago, WideOrbit has attached approximately $20 billion into the […]


Tru Optik Draws A Line From TV To Smart Speakers: Swanston

SAN JUAN, PR — It turns out that many of the advanced software practices being applied to the advanced TV landscape in order to better target and understand advertising deployments can also be useful in a media world without pictures. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tru Optik CEO and co-founder Andre Swanston says his […]


WarnerMedia’s David Porter: The Industry Is Collaborating to Overcome Complexities

SAN JUAN– Addressability is an area that many are focused on this year, and WarnerMedia is no different. In an interview with Beet.TV at the Beet Retreat in San Juan, David Porter, vp of ad innovation and programmatic at WarnerMedia, emphasized that he’s excited about the progress they’re making in national linear addressable capability. They […]


Defining ‘Deterministic’: DISH’s Bokhari Goes Granular

SAN JUAN, PR — In an industry with a marketplace of buzzwords, “addressable” and “deterministic” TV have risen up the charts over the last year. But what is addressable TV, and what is deterministic data? In this video interview with Beet.TV, DISH Network’s GM of data and analytics Kemel Bokhari offers his take. “We define […]


NBCU’s Dominick Vangeli: ‘Fragmentation Is at an All-Time High’

SAN JUAN, PR– Establishing a system of standards for the TV industry is something that will be crucial for its overall health moving forward. In an interview with Beet.TV at the Beet Retreat in San Juan, Dominick Vangeli, vp of advanced advertising products at NBCU, emphasized this importance, but explained that it will be a […]

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