For any modern ad buyer, making decisions to reach audiences in the fast-moving TV and video ecology is fraught with difficulty.

Everyone knows the market has tipped substantially toward SVOD services and that many people are beginning to shun cable TV subscriptions and live TV.

But that’s not the whole story, says a company with its eyes on what viewers are really watching – and the truth means everything for where advertisers should step next.

“There’s a perception that the way consumers are watching television tends to be these singular monolithic siloed groups – cord cutters and linear watchers and people who only watch subscription streaming services,” says Michael Scott, head of brand sales for Samsung Ads in North America.

“We saw that people … get their content through all three of these sources, almost interchangeably. They go between linear and AVOD, advertising-supported apps as well as subscription-supported apps. So there is no monolithic group.”

Scott is referring to recently-published research from his employer which showed:

  • Linear TV still dominates time spent viewing TV.
  • 44% of viewers, the largest single segment, watches both linear and streaming.
  • 40% of streaming time is spent in advertisable content.
  • A combination of linear plus OTT advertising is what can give a campaign best results.

Samsung Ads compiled the research because it has access to viewing data from 45 million US owners of Samsung Smart TVs plus 200 million connected devices.

The business unit is able to understand actual viewing, whether it be linear or OTT, using automated content recognition (ACR) that can identify shows being watched on screen.

“What this means for advertisers is, there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity to take AVOD and mix it with your linear (TV strategy) and be able to drive really heightened outcomes,” Scott adds.

“Linear (TV is) potentially … the way that you can build reach really quickly on any kind of campaign or new product introduction. But advanced TV and connected TV (is) being that precision tool that you can use to really drive potentially mid- and lower-funnel activity against high-value audiences.”

This video is part of the Beet.TV series title the Road to CES 202, a preview of the topics expected to be explored in Las Vegas in January.  The series is presented by Samsung Ads.  For more videos please visit this page