Part of Caryn Banchek’s job as head of client solutions for Samsung Ads is educating advertisers about the advanced TV landscape. Advanced TV is Samsung Ads’ bread and butter: The subsidiary works with brands and agencies to place ads across its partner networks.

The advertisers want to know what works from a planning perspective, how to get the best results, and what data and proof points to look for to measure success.

“With our ACR [automated content recognition] technology, we’re able to show and hit those demographics of what those audiences are and are able to then drive viewership for our tune-in verticals,” says Banchek. Tune-in advertising, she adds is a “fast-moving vertical” for Samsung Ads. The company’s results show that by running ads with Samsung, advertisers saw a 25% lift in tune-in viewership.

“Real data and results have helped to prove these business needs and help drive back success for their advertisers,” she says. That data goes deeper than click-throughs, and includes regular reports that show metrics like app downloads and views.

The goal, then, is to figure out how to reach cord-cutters. “Maybe they have other linear buys but it’s no secret that how we watch TV has changed over the last few years.” As Banchek points out, the way people watch TV has changed, meaning linear buys have had to change too. “Those are the real business problems we’re trying to solve for,” she says.