With an explosion of platforms and services, over-the-top (OTT) television is bursting out in a hundred different flavors.

That is great news for consumers, who are now experiencing more viewing choice than ever.

But, for advertisers, things are getting a little confusing. Increasingly, they are turning to their agencies to figure out how exactly to reach the right audience member.

“They’re constantly asking us, ‘Which ones should we buy? What is your recommendation?’,” says Cara Lewis,  The EVP for Amplifi, the media innovation and investment arm of Dentsu Argis Network, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“We’re ready to let them know because we’re meeting with these partners on a daily basis and talking to them on a daily basis. Cara Lewis:
We’ve bought them Quibi, we’ve bought them Disney+, we’ve bought them all these different instances. And every single one of them kind of has their way of selling it or what they are selling, whether they’re AVOD or SVOD.”

The rise of subscription VOD services had seemed to pose a threat not only to TV operators but also to advertisers, who had become concerned about lack of reach in the new subscription environment.

But the rise of advertising-supported services like Pluto, Tubi and Peacock is reassuring some that advertising still has a place. Still, the ecology remains complex.

Adds Lewis: “They’re all selling the same inventory. If we went and bought Roku (advertising inventory), they can also sell Pluto, so we have to figure out how to take Pluto out (of the campaign) when we’re buying Roku direct.

“Clients are … definitely concerned about frequency-capping – they don’t want to annoy the consumer with them seeing five of their ads or three of their ads, even, in the same pod.”

This video is part of the Beet.TV series title the Road to CES 202, a preview of the topics expected to be explored in Las Vegas in January.  The series is presented by Samsung Ads.  For more videos please visit this page