For the longest time, it seemed like an unfair fight – digital platforms could sell super-targeted ads, whilst TV was stuck reaching the ill-defined mass.

But now connected TV platforms mean digital-style ad buying can come to the living room, whilst even linear, old ad buys can benefit from digitally-infused planning.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kim Norris, VP at Charter’s Spectrum Reach ad sales division, talks about the importance of marrying digital and TV ad operations at the institutional level.

“Probably about 95% of my employees actually come from digital,” Norris says.

“We’ve actually been pretty successful at combining a conversation between digital media and TV media. We’re able to leverage a lot of the data that we have to, say, run a television campaign and then target unreached, underexposed audiences that we didn’t reach in TV and actually reach them through different digital media.”

Norris says Spectrum Reach is able to take its viewership data and combine it with different types of datasets, like psychographic or automotive, to develop insights like, “People who shop at Zappos tend to watch these types of programmes.”

That can inform even linear TV media buys, Norris says.

“So pretty much I would say maybe 60% of our linear TV buys are actually influenced in the local markets by data,” she adds. “We’re actually able to build more intelligent schedules even before we get into products like addressability where you’re actually delivering directly to an audience.”

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