Embedding Data-Driven Ad Sales Takes Culture Change: Spectrum Reach’s Norris

SAN JUAN, PR — In 2020, the tools on offer in the TV industry allow advertisers to use data to plan and target the optimum ad campaign. But driving widespread adoption is going to take a culture shift. So says Kim Norris, VP at Charter’s Spectrum Reach ad sales division. “First, you have to change culture. […]


More Measurement Is Coming: Spectrum Reach’s Norris

SAN JUAN, PR — Carpenters have an old proverb: “Measure twice, cut once.” It’s designed to convey the importance of accurate measurements in a skilled trade. Now it might also be applied to TV advertisers, whose ability to measure the efficacy of their spend is undergoing a revolution. Charter’s Spectrum Reach ad sales division is […]


The Marriage Of Digital & TV: Spectrum Reach’s Norris

For the longest time, it seemed like an unfair fight – digital platforms could sell super-targeted ads, whilst TV was stuck reaching the ill-defined mass. But now connected TV platforms mean digital-style ad buying can come to the living room, whilst even linear, old ad buys can benefit from digitally-infused planning. In this video interview […]


The Past, Present and Future of Deterministic Data and Addressable Advertising

Data has reshaped the buy and sell sides of the advertising industry, as traditional channels begin to adopt digital tools. This shift in dynamic has meant the industry has had to evolve as well, and Spectrum Reach and Horizon Media are two such companies rethinking their strategies in a period of ongoing change. At the […]