Traditionally, TV has suffered from estimating knowledge about its viewers. The industry has come to call this “probabilistic” targeting.

But its flip side, “deterministic” targeting, promises to give advertisers more accuracy by using real viewer data to find the known audiences.

As LiveRamp explains it:

  • Deterministic: “Create device relationships by joining devices using personally identifiable information (PII)…”
  • Probabilistic: “Create device relationships by using a knowledge base of linkage data and predictive algorithms as the foundation for an identity graph…”

That digital determinism was the topic of Beet.TV’s recent Beat Retreat in the City @ Horizon Media event.

In this for Beet.TV, Furious Corp CEO Ashley J. Swartz reports how understanding is evolving.

“When we started the day, I surveyed the attendees and asked how many people talked about, used the phrase deterministic television or knew what to deterministic television was,” she says. “There were maybe three hands.

“I think we successfully ended the day with many more hands to be raised. We sort of all very organically and naturally set upon a definition of deterministic television.

But there is devil in the detail. Swartz also raises a number of possible frictions with the evolution of the opportunity.

“If we continue to grow revenue with new products or by productizing data, if that revenue is at a cost and has increasingly operational friction, the cost of doing business increases and ultimately is significantly, over time, less profitable revenue growth, is it worth it?,” she asks.

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