What does a successful client-agency partnership look like when centered around tune-in marketing? In conversation with Beet.TV at the Beet Retreat in New York hosted by Horizon Media, Skylar Kim, svp of digital strategy and innovation at Horizon Media and Jen Taylor, senior director of digital marketing at A+E Networks, explained what has made their experience working together a constructive one.

Kim says that the availability of new data sets has helped their corner of the industry, especially as they’ve found their footing with tune-in marketing.

“Not only now can we actually get feedback on a more granular tactic-level basis,” says Kim. “But now we can actually action on those things.”

Kim points out that the availability of A+E Network’s data has been a huge advantage, saying “It’s pretty rare that a brand is sharing access with their agency partners, but that’s been a great opportunity for us.”

Taylor adds that the flexibility goes both ways, and Horizon’s ability to see what sticks keeps both parties moving forward.

“They’re not plug and play,” says Taylor. “They’re not continuing the same way we used to as things are changing, they’re really at the forefront of trying and learning new stuff.”

Kim says that this is all possible because of A+E Network’s patience, their efforts in providing as much data and transparency as possible, and their desire to continue building up their database in both digital and linear.

But this partnership doesn’t come without new challenges. While both Kim and Taylor are optimistic, Taylor explains that tune-in makes immediate decision-making more difficult.

“I think the biggest challenge about tune-in marketing is that the show has to premiere, and then it’s premiered, and then you have to get the data, and it either comes back the next week or it doesn’t.” Taylor says. “It is hard getting the data and turning it around fast enough to make actionable insights immediately.”

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