Some of the best dishes take a long time to cook. And that has certainly been the case with advanced TV ad targeting, the new practice of laser-guiding ad creative for just the right viewer of a connected TV device.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, the woman who runs product at a leading TV targeting data technology vendor says, after a long while on the hob, addressable TV is now ready to boil.

Caroline Horner, 605 product management SVP, says there has been an “Arc” of new data that have become available for use in TV ad targeting, data that was previously closed off.

“We’ve seen with the introduction of the Inscape data, more people have been able to get a hold of it and work with it,” Horner says. “It’s created such excitement about looking at what people are exposed to. The industry has been furiously running after all these new insights, back to one-to-one marketing, for television.

“Addressable (TV) … started off very slowly because each MVPD did their system one at a time and the marketers couldn’t really buy national for addressability, and there was such a small amount of inventory that was available for targeting. Fast forward to what’s happening right now … you have the data that can support it and now you have the systems that are collaborating and providing a national footprint for addressable campaigns.”

Horner was speaking  ahead of Beet Retreat In The City @ Horizon Media, an industry discussion event in New York on Wednesday.

605 provides aggregate set-top box and automatic content recognition (ACR) from 21 million households. It combines viewing data from:

  • Charter Communications’ Spectrum cable subscribers.
  • Inscape, the company taking actual viewing data from Vizio TVs using automatic content recognition (ACR).

Horner calls the new ability of precise viewer data to target TV ads “deterministic TV”.

“Deterministic is really about the absolute knowledge that a household is watching something, that the TV was on at that household at that time and the behaviors that are associated with that household,” she says.

“Deterministic TV data … can add in all that rich Experian data, all the transactions, psychographics, and to look exactly at how they watch, consume television and how they’re impacted by it.”

Beet Retreat In The City @ Horizon Media is presented by 605 and Spectrum Reach. For more videos from the event, please visit this page