What’s the best way to stay on top of advertising trends in television? In a conversation with Beet.TV at the Beet Retreat in New York City hosted by Horizon Media, Samantha Rose, senior vice president of video at Horizon Media says that it takes having conversations with different figures across the industry as well as keeping an eye on more linear models.

“There’s a new trade article every day about a new vendor or a new offering, especially with streaming wars and everything that’s happening there,” says Rose. “Our purpose is really trying to make it something that everybody can understand, and then [determining] how we activate in that space. Not just what it is, but how do we advertise in that area.”

While the instinct is to stay ahead of the curve and chase after advanced TV capabilities and streaming platforms, Rose stresses the importance of not undermining the power that linear TV still offers.

“We know ratings are diminishing, but we do also know that many times those audiences are moving towards the same premium long-form content, just within other platforms,” says Rose. “So we know that dollars and the health of the marketplace might be disparate and might revert off into OTT, but it will be a long time before linear TV goes away completely if ever.”

Rose explains that the sweet spot is finding the happy medium between more addressable models and the ways that long-form content plays out on streaming outlets.

“If you’re looking at OTT, especially with the release of Disney+ and Peacock, those are still largely kind of long-form TV platforms,” says Rose. “But TV now is really going to be addressable, so it’s OTT and addressable and bringing together new data and new platforms and it’s going to be a whole new world for us.”

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