The changing capabilities of data-driven TV advertising are forcing ad agencies to change.

In a panel dubbed “Finding A Path to Deterministic TV” at Beet Retreat In The City, Laura McElhinney, Chief Data Officer, Horizon Media, explained how her agency is adapting.

McElhinney told Furious Corp CEO Ashley J. Swartz how Horizon is seeing challenges and opportunities thrown up by advanced TV advertising capabilities.

Challenge: Data view needed

Advanced TV demands a holistic sight of audience behavior data from across multiple channels. But McElhinney said Horizon doesn’t always get sufficient sight of data to construct the optimal campaign.

“We have to break down the silos,” she said. “The problem is, is that everyone’s working in their own silo and you’re not able, from an agency standpoint, to bring all that data together and to look at it.

“It really helps us really look at the measurement across the ecosystem instead of just looking at one channel or something that’s happening in one area.”

Opportunity: Incentivised

But McElhinney said Horizon is responding to the wish of some clients to change the pricing model for performance-driven advertising.

In other words, she is happy for Horizon to be part part of its fee based on the real, attributable outcomes it can provably generate for brand clients

“We’re driving a lot of our clients more towards that shared risk, shared reward, which is helping to change the KPIs and changing what we look at from a currency standpoint,” she said.

Asked by Swartz if that meant clients are incentivizing Horizon on performance, she said: “Of course. Yeah. We are (open to that). It’s not a one-size-fits-all. You have to play all sides of the coin.”

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