Extreme Reach’s creative management platform AdBridge was originally intended to help creative “move at the same speed as media” for advertisers. Now it’s being extended to simplify distribution for media sellers.

“What we’ve discovered and what some of our receiving partners have come to us with is their issues have gotten more complicated. They have multiple outlets now,” says Extreme Reach CEO Tim Conley.

“They know that we get them the assets with the right quality and the right data ready to go. They’ve asked how to help make these assets available to other platforms” like OTT, mobile and set-top VOD, Conley adds in this interview with Beet.TV.

Buyers and sellers building their own systems for handling ads has created redundancies among brands, agencies, programmers and multichannel video programming distributors, as Broadcasting & Cable reports. Handing creative off to multiple systems can result in missed opportunities to monetize the right content with the right ads.

For buyers, AdBridge enables them to access more detailed locations, Conley explains. “Rather than getting something to the traditional broadcaster and letting them figure out how it gets to the other platforms, from their media buy they can actually decide I’m going to set-top VOD for this, I’m going to the mobile application or the in-app application directly. So our buy side customers and partners have control over that.”

Sell-side users of AdBridge will include traditional broadcasters, “newer media folks” and MVPD’s that are ad-supported.

“What we’re trying to do is help our customers move these things at the speed of media. I buy media but I don’t necessarily have an asset to put in that media right away. So all of a sudden it takes days or weeks to get that asset in.”

Extreme Reach also knows the talent and rights information around a particular creative asset to be able to say “it can be used in this environment but it can’t be used in that environment,” says Conley.