COLOGNE – The world’s largest independent buy-side advertising platform, Sizmek, says it will roll out an advanced-television solution that fully integrates linear, addressable and connected-TV advertising inventory. It will be powered by artificial-intelligence insights derived from digital advertising to TV for optimal targeting, reach and frequency across full campaigns.

In this interview today at the annual DMEXCO conference, Sizmek CEO Mark Grether says given the company’s focus on agencies and advertisers, simplifying the process of buying various TV inventory is a key goal of the rollout, scheduled for later this year.

“The challenge was how can we actually provide our clients the biggest positive pool of inventory from an advanced TV perspective,” he says.

Last month, Sizmek released an enhanced version of its AI-powered DSP, offering advertisers and agencies greater efficiency and effectiveness for programmatic buying. The advanced-TV rollout will help bring together data, media, and creative across all digital media channels.

“I do think in the future what you will see is this coming together of media and data and creative in one single platform,” Grether says.

Sizmek will provide inventory by partnering with several advanced-TV supply platforms, including Telaria, Spotx, and Freewheel.

While having a lot of partners on the supply side “is certainly a key asset for us to have,” Grether emphasizes the utility of Sizmek’s ad server’s impression-level data “which we can now leverage as it’s integrated into AI when it comes to programmatic advanced TV buying.”

He notes that topics of conversation at DMEXCO typically include perceived next frontiers, as in how to leverage data in and advanced-TV environment in combination with dynamic creative optimization.

“I think that’s the next kind of big holy grail,” says Grether. “Advanced TV plus creative optimization. And that’s what we want to bring to the table here.”

This interview is part of a series titled Advertising Reimagined: The View from DMEXCO 2018, presented by Criteo.  Please find more videos from the series here