CANNES — Across the TV industry, MVPDs are examining how they can upgrade their ad sales processes.

Taking a cue from online video ad sales, they want to start trading ads using data-infused insights, allowing advertisers to target audiences, not just content.

Brian Golbere wants to help, though he says the prospect has a ways to go.

“It provides a template for what things start to look like, rather than broad demographic buys off rated media,” Golbere says, describing the concept of advanced TV buying to Beet.TV i this video interview.

“We’re still in a very transitional phase. The scale and reach isn’t there. Digital is overly complicated.”

But Golbere‘s company has been working at the opportunity longer than most. It first launched in the UK in 2001, and is nowadays an engineering company focused on building algorithms for powering the decisioning inside ad trading systems.

In the US, IPONWEB‘s biggest customer is DISH, which Golbere says has a national footprint that could really give advanced TV a leg-up.

“We’ve built an SSP for them that takes their addressable, linear inventory and makes it available to DSPs,” he says. “It looks just like digital video, even though it’s time-delayed for delivery to satellite.

“(It’s) a completely digital workflow, from the creative management to the bidding process, win notifications and then reporting on the backend.”

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