It’s one of the thorniest problems in marketing today – how do you target a single user when that user leaves separate breadcrumb trails on disconnected devices?

Brands recognise the problem – but they need to do more to recognise there are companies out there that can help.

That’s according to an OpenX exec working at the sharp end of mobile advertising.

“Brands are underinvested in mobile today,” says OpenX mobile business development VP Maggie Mesa. “There are gaps on the supply side and the demand side.

“On the demand side, it’s the attribution. Currently today, app developers pass unique data sets through exchanges. Those are different to what’s available on desktop (versus) mobile web – cookie-based audience profiles (on desktop).

“There are partners out there that create unique identifiers for a user across device – but it’s few and far between. Brands need education around how they target that user on a desktop as well as their phone or tablet.”


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