Brand Marketing Remains Key for Hotel Chain, But Social & Loyalty Key Too

In the wake of Marriott’s acquisition of Starwood, the hotel giant will continue to focus on brand marketing, but also test and lean on new technologies to reach consumers in new ways. That includes both tried and true tools like email marketing, as well as cutting-edge ones that rely on location targeting and virtual reality experiences, says Karin […]


Household Level Cross-Platform Attribution ‘Absolutely Critical’: Carat’s Ray

The ability to target individual consumers with ads across digital devices and specific households via television is progressing well on parallel tracks. Just when those two paths will converge from a data standpoint is anyone’s guess. “Right now, that data doesn’t exist in a co-mingled way or in a way that would allow us to […]


NBCU Focuses on Custom Content for Brands, Scott Schiller explains

It’s become fashionable in some circles to say TV is dead, but perhaps the definition of TV is dead, says Scott Schiller, EVP and General Manager Ad Sales and Marketing at NBC Universal, in this interview with Beet.TV. Instead, NBCU is focused on showcasing to brand partners its multiplatform approach to marketing content, he says. The media giant has […]


Epsilon Agency’s McDonald: It’s Less About The ‘New Thing’ Than The Strategy

Although Richard McDonald calls data the “soup de jour of the marketing world right now,” Epsilon Agency has been stirring this particular pot for a very long time. Almost 35 years ago, it created Apple’s first customer/mail order database. Now it’s helping drive millennials to places like Cracker Barrel with geo-fencing technology. Along the way, […]


IAB’s Wiener Sees More Creative Story Telling, Sophisticated Targeting

Never a dull moment at the Internet Advertising Bureau, and 2016 is no exception. Of three key themes codified in January, better user ad experience and more precision in consumer targeting have seen healthy uptake, while the desire to add 10,000 jobs in a diversity push is understandably a longer haul. “I’m very proud of […]


Addressable TV ‘Perfect Entry Point’ To Media Mix Modeling: Experian’s Stocki

Since unveiling its Audience Engine platform about five months ago, Experian Marketing Services has created more than 1,200 audiences for addressable television campaigns. While addressable TV is limited in scale, the data involved are being used to help inform national campaigns. “It’s always going to be one part of the media mix. But the beauty […]


IAB Virtual Reality Report A Prelude To Industry Definitions, Guidelines

Is virtual the new reality in advertising? That’s what the Internet Advertising Bureau set out to determine when it recently consulted 24 top marketers, publishers, VR software experts and developer platform executives. “We decided that there’s a lot of interest and hype around VR so we wanted to see if there’s a there there,” Anna […]


OMD’s de Nardis: Facebook Metric Misstep Highlights Need For Third-Party Measurement

There’s enough disruption in digital advertising, so a flap at Facebook and uncertainty surrounding Twitter are best dealt with quickly. That’s the view of Mainardo de Nardis, CEO of OMD Worldwide, Omnicom’s global media communications agency. Last month, Facebook apologized after major agencies became aware that the social media behemoth had erred in the way […]


Don’t Vacate The Top Of The Funnel, Nielsen’s Solomon Tells Marketers

Pretty much the whole of the advertising technology world these days seems to focus around targeting. The better the targeting, the better the results, many people believe. So when the world’s largest advertising spender pulls back from targeted ads on one of the world’s largest ad platforms, people take notice. That’s what Procter & Gamble did this summer, […]


‘Header Bidding 2.0’ Will Help RTB Kill IO: Rubicon’s Mulcahy

Just when you wrapped your head around “programmatic”, a new variant of the data-driven advertising technology is creeping on to the scene. In so-called “header bidding“, publishers offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges before alerting their ad servers, intending to garner multiple bids on the same inventory and so make higher prices. And, no sooner […]


Oracle’s Marketing Cloud Aims To Solve Silos, Kathuria Says

What is one of the biggest database software companies doing at an advertising conference? Wandering amongst the brands, agencies and ad-tech vendors at the just-wrapped Advertising Week New York event, Beet.TV found Oracle, the massive seller of data products. Its strategic agency partnerships global head Vik Kathuria explains the logic of the attendance to Beet.TV: “Oracle have a pretty […]


Weather Company Taps IBM’s Watson to Deliver Targeted Ads

After “Hey, Siri”, “Alexa” and “OK Google”, comes… The Weather Company, whose partnership with IBM aims to let audiences converse with brand ads using their voice or typed questions. Acquired its digital operation was acquired by Big Blue last year, the company this summer announced it would unveil “Watson Ads”, formats that tap IBM’s Watson AI system to […]


Inside Nielsen’s Quest To Give Publishers Cross-Platform Audience Data

Nielsen is stepping up its game to measure up against its measurement rivals, launching a new product that aims to give content owners, and their advertisers, a single view of audience consumption across all platforms. Digital Content Ratings is the latest chapter in the group’s Total Audience Measurement roll-out. Why is Nielsen doing this? Product leadership […]


Publicis Media’s Steve King On The Rise Of The Modern Day Media Agency

Few people have experienced the transition from “analog transactional media buyer” to the “almost full-service provider” that is today’s media agency than Steve King. The CEO of Publicis Media had a bird’s eye view of the birth of Zenith Media in 1995, back when the notion of unbundling the media department from the full-service agency […]


Time-Based Digital Ad Currency Dependent Upon Quality Content: Carat’s Ray

While media planning and buying giant Carat USA would like to replace the industry’s current viewability standards for digital ads with a time-based currency, it thinks there isn’t enough quality content to trade on such a metric. The agency’s preferred metric would focus on things like time, cost per view or cost per completion, USA […]


Get Creative To Understand VR: Google Zoo’s Bastholm

To some, it may have gone under the radar a little, but Google operates an in-house team dedicated to working with ad agencies and brands. “Zoo is Google’s creative think tank for brands and agencies,” explains Zoo’s global chief creative officer Lars Bastholm, in this video interview with Beet.TV. “We help brands and agencies think more […]


Proposed IAB Ad Guidelines: No Autoplay For Mobile Devices Using Data

The Internet Advertising Bureau wants to make digital ads more responsive to the screens they’re served on and easier for agencies to create, so it’s unveiled a complete overhaul of the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio. Now the advertising industry gets to respond to the new global guidance. “The beloved ad units of yore are […]


Spotify’s Programmatic Deals Make Ads ‘Immersive’: The TradeDesk’s Sims

So far, the discussion of so-called “programmatic”, automated digital advertising trading has centered on online display and video advertising. But what about advertising in content that no-one can see? Programmatic trading has already come to a number of audio platforms – Xaxis enabled an audio offering last year. And now one of the biggest out there, Spotify, has enabled the technology, […]


Organic Traffic Is Stagnant, But Social Can Help, Adobe Research Finds

These days, it takes a lot to move an audience. In fact, it looks like all the all tricks in the marketer playbook don’t work so well anymore – nowadays, it’s going to take money, too. That’s according to an Adobe’s just-published Digital Insights Advertising Demand Report – a survey of 800m North American customers – which […]


Brands Need Education On Cross-Device Attribution: OpenX’s Mesa

It’s one of the thorniest problems in marketing today – how do you target a single user when that user leaves separate breadcrumb trails on disconnected devices? Brands recognise the problem – but they need to do more to recognise there are companies out there that can help. That’s according to an OpenX exec working […]

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