If Taboola wanted to show the industry the scale it has amassed, it is certainly now using some very big numbers to do so – comScore Media Trend data it republished today suggests the content discovery tech vendor is becoming gargantuan.

  • 200m+ mobile-only and 810m+ desktop users, totalling more than 1b monthly users.
  • “Every American internet user sees Taboola at least 70 times a month.”
  • “The platform reaches 95.3% of the 15+ year old demographic.”

Taboola comScore data

Founder and CEO Adam Singolda says this is putting Taboola in some pretty big company.

“You have search type of advertising – everything else is becoming one long feed,” he says. “The biggest feed in the world is Facebook. According to the report announced today, Taboola is the second-largest feed.”

But, whilst Taboola today powers content discovery on news articles for publishers and marketers, Singolda also seems to be imagining a world beyond discovery in-place, to one where personalization algorithms make for a customized, individual web.

“I truly envision a future that is completely personalized,” he says. “I wake up in the morning and, instead of me trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be looking for to be entertained, informed and educated, all of that is coming to find me.

“We’re building a new category called discovery. It’s going to take time to build this industry to become mature.”