The year 2016 will bring wider use of programmatic guarantees, provided that advertisers and publishers take the steps that are needed to foster global adoption.

For publishers, this broad expansion will requires better forecasting tools so buyers can know “what kind of inventory can be there in the future,” says Tanuj Joshi, Senior Director, Strategic Media Enablement, MediaMath. On the advertiser side, technology must advance to enable campaigns that need to perform a guaranteed delivery.

“It’s coming to the point where publishers have to be smarter in allocating specific priority. At what price do you give what priority to what kind of buyers?” says Joshi. “The decision of priority over price was always important but now it’s even more important.”

MediaMath sees programmatic native as adding the fourth element to the right user at the right time for the right marketer: the right message. When that is delivered programmatically the creative is being assembled in real time.

“For advertisers, native programmatic provides better ROI, according to initial tests that we have seen, and better workflow,” Joshi says. “For publishers the benefits are user retention and higher frequency, along with greater yield.”

If advertisers have a good experience, users have a good experience on the publishers and advertisers have better ROI, “there is nothing stopping to stop better yield for the publisher. Native delivered properly is a win-win,” Joshi says.

This video part of a series about the state of programmatic advertising sponsored by OpenX. Please find other videos from the series here.

Programmatic in 2016, a series presented by OpenX