Programmatic TV Has Turned A Corner: SMG’s Bertozzi

It is the medium most desired by programmatic ad-tech execs, who can sniff a slice of a $70 billion advertising industry. But TV is still only on the path to programmatic, not yet at full conversion. Still, one ad group man says the prospects for that tipping point are now looking a lot healthier, five years […]


Have Your Cake And Eat It With Private Marketplaces: Mediavest’s Seifer

In the beginning, there was real-time bidding, for ads in open-auction networks. And some advertisers sought greater control. So ad-tech vendors separated the light from the darkness, creating private marketplaces. By constraining the inventory available through private marketplaces and giving advertisers greater control over what they buy, platforms have developed a “best of both” approach to their offering, says […]


OpenX Hoping To Optimize The Use Of Multiple Header Partners

The increased popularity of header bidding has spawned an outgrowth of header partners for publishers along with new container solutions, introducing complexity that can lead to heavy pages and slow loads—negatives for user experience. OpenX is hoping to tidy up the multiple header partner playing field with its Meta solution, according to Qasim Saifee, the […]


Political Campaigns Benefit From Header Bidding: Intermarkets Snow explains

This election year, $1.1B of an expected total of $11.4B political ad spending will go to digital, according to a recent Borrell Associates estimate. But how is that money being used online? One advertising technology firm buying ads for campaigns says a new flavour of programmatic is rising – and not all ads have to be political in […]


Keeping Programmatic Operations at Agencies, back in Vogue: SMG’s Bertozzi

In a world of abundant ad-tech superpowers, many newly-empowered advertisers have begun to wonder if they couldn’t take on some of the traditional functions they previously outsourced to agencies. But the tide may be turning, as some of those agencies decide it’s safer to stick than to twist, says one senior agency exec. “The concept […]


TV Makers Well Positioned for AdTech Upside: Lotame’s Wesly

We report every day on the burgeoning number of ad-tech vendors helping advertisers profit from new-wave connected TV platforms. But one group of firms often missing from the discussion is TV makers themselves. Lotame SVP and CMO Doron Wesly suggests they should be in prime position, if technology can get them over the hill. Citing just-published […]


How Xaxis Views Unique Audiences, Programmatic Platform Consolidation

Creating unique audiences for individual brands and programmatic platform consolidation will gain ground in 2016, yielding more precise targeting across devices and channels, according to the Xaxis unit of WPP Group. “We’re being challenged to identify an audience wherever they show up,” observes Greg Anderson, VP, Account Services at Xaxis. This ultimately will include connected […]


Intermarkets: Political Advertisers No Different From Other Marketers

Publishers that have traditionally segmented their premium and non-premium ad inventory are missing high-value opportunities that can be captured with better header integration. Intermarkets, whose portfolio of digital publishers includes Drudge Report, embraces this approach as it gears up for what should be a year of “unprecedented levels” of political advertising spend, according to Erik […]


Data Consulting a New Focus for Agencies, MediaVest’s Seifer

One of the most critical areas for  agencies when it comes to programmatic advertising is in providing data insight  for clients. Helping brands understand how to use data in programmatic, as well as in mobile marketing is key to success days, says Carrie Seifer, President, Digital, Data & Technology at MediaVest in this interview with Beet.TV. “Now that we […]


‘Programmatic Creative’ Astounding On Mobile: Opera Mediaworks’ Griffin

The growth in “programmatic”, super-scientific targeting and trading of online ads has boomed – just in time for the industry to start harking for more creative ad campaigns again. Programmatic can support creative ad campaign sequencing, too – but one exec doesn’t imagine that ability coming to mobile quiet yet. The potential is astounding for […]


IDG Welcomes Premium Inventory Demand, Alternatives To Google ‘Waterfall’

Seeing a big shift toward premium programmatic inventory, tech publisher IDG uses Google as its centralized ad exchange but welcomes alternatives to the company’s “waterfall” suite to foster one-to-one engagement between marketers and publishers. According to Marisa Preston, Head of Programmatic Operations & Digital Platforms at IDG TechNetwork, there’s still too much systems complexity and […]


Programmatic Guaranteed, Native Programmatic Set To Expand: MediaMath’s Joshi

The year 2016 will bring wider use of programmatic guarantees, provided that advertisers and publishers take the steps that are needed to foster global adoption. For publishers, this broad expansion will requires better forecasting tools so buyers can know “what kind of inventory can be there in the future,” says Tanuj Joshi, Senior Director, Strategic […]


Native Ads Will Replace Display Ads: Xaxis’ Allen

Native advertising, ads that are presented in the form of editorial content, will ultimately replace classical display ads in digital, says an exec from WPP’s data-driven Xaxis unit. “The new inventory source is native,” Xaxis business development SVP Larry Allen tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “We see that effectively replacing display in the coming years.” Native […]


IAB Mulls ‘Header Bidding 101’ To Help Standardize Latest Ad Tech

Just when you wrapped your head around “programmatic”, a new variant of the data-driven advertising technology is creeping on to the scene. In so-called “header bidding“, publishers offer inventory to multiple ad exchanges before alerting their ad servers, intending to garner multiple bids on the same inventory and so make higher prices. Now the Interactive Advertising […]


eXelate Builds Nielsen In To ‘Enterprise Marketing Platform’: Garbaccio

Nielsen looks set to take on Adobe for data-driven marketing suite services, after integrating its earlier eXelate acquisition. eXelate is a data management platform (DMP), a software tool brands can use to slice and dice their customer data, and was acquired by Nielsen a year ago in a move which pooled the data sets eXelate had […]


Meredith Advertisers Can Measure Live, Real-World Results

Did your target customers visit your store after clicking your ads this morning? That’s what lifestyle publisher Meredith is promising to advertisers, using technology from Nielsen. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Meredith programmatic sales and strategy Chip Schenk says the company, which publishes FamilyCircle and AllRecipes, has extended a five-year partnership with the media measurement house for a […]


Light Reaction Prices Programmatic By The Outcome

So-called “programmatic” technology for targeting and trading online ads has become pretty good at wringing certainty out of ad placement. But what about certainty on uplift? Paul Dolan thinks he can help with that. The exec from WPP’s Xaxis data-driven ad tech unit is also now GM at Light Reaction, a Xaxis off-shoot looking at adding something more […]


Cadreon’s Lomas: Programmatic Advertising’s Evolution from Science to Art

Trading of online ads using “programmatic” techniques – that is, data-driven or automated – is booming, with eMarketer forecasting the technology will account for 72% of all US digital display dollars by 2017. But programmatic is also changing. What once was just a more efficient way to trade ad inventory is now also taking on […]


White Ops’ Tiffany Fights $7.3bn Robot Army To Defeat Ad Fraud

A report being published by a team of hackers-turned-corporate warriors has estimated online advertising fraud is now netting $7.3bn per year for criminals who employ a team a worldwide network of “zombie” computers. White Ops, an anti-botnet and -malware cyber-security firm, conducted a report, Bot Baseline: Fraud in Digital Advertising, with the Association of National Advertisers, looking at ad traffic […]


Carat’s Ray On Multiple DSP’s And The Need For Programmatic R&D

Having forecast that non-search-related advertising spend will increase in excess of 20% annually for the next few years, Carat is constantly evaluating its multiple tech partners and getting more of its people comfortable using programmatic platforms, according to Doug Ray, U.S. CEO & Global President. As programmatic has evolved from a pure focus on efficiency […]

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