Creating unique audiences for individual brands and programmatic platform consolidation will gain ground in 2016, yielding more precise targeting across devices and channels, according to the Xaxis unit of WPP Group.

“We’re being challenged to identify an audience wherever they show up,” observes Greg Anderson, VP, Account Services at Xaxis. This ultimately will include connected televisions, but that particular channel “is a bit of a ways off right now.”

Xaxis considers its proprietary Turbine technology to be an “audience-creation DMP” that enables users to take an audience-first approach to marketplaces.

“It lets us take audiences either from a client or through different behaviors that we understand from the audiences we’re looking for and create a unique audience for each brand,” Anderson says.

In the view of Xaxis, too much programmatic buying still takes place in silos, characterized by one-off buyers with a variety of vendors.

“We see a lot of that consolidating into one platform so that the decisioning of audiences can be made across different device types as well as the different channels where the audience is showing up,” Anderson says.

Consolidating the tactics into one platform lets buyers be “smarter about how we target users and the messages we put in front of them.”

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Programmatic in 2016, a series presented by OpenX