Hulu nabbed its first Golden Globe nomination this month, in yet another sign of both growth and burgeoning acceptance of the online service as a programmer. “We have been taking some big swings at original content,” says Peter Naylor, Senior VP Ad Sales at Hulu, in this interview with Beet.TV.

Hulu joins HBO, Netflix, and Amazon among contenders in the comedy category, and ranks as the only ad-supported provider, he says. Naylor points out that in spite of all the talk of ad-blocking these days, Hulu’s research shows most consumers accept ads. He says that 7% of the population will avoid ads at all costs, adding that the corollary to that is 93% of the population is on the spectrum of so-called “ad acceptance,” according to Hulu’s studies.

“It’s up to us as a publisher to make sure that our ad load isn’t too aggressive,” he says. Hulu carries about two to three ads per break. In addition, the online programmer is working with advertisers to offer a range of options, from five-second ads, in some cases, to consecutive storytelling creative, to the ad selector that lets consumers choose the type of ads they want to watch.

Attribution according to business outcome is a critical topic with advertisers, Naylor adds. “Everyone has their KPI and ROI indicators. We are happy to examine business outcomes as a currency,” he says.

On the programming front, look for more originals in 2016, including shows created by Stephen King and JJ Abrams, as well as a Seth Rogen vehicle. “We are gathering ideas for the upfront in May,” Naylor says.

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