LAS VEGAS — Appliance maker Whirlpool recently launched its Every Day Cares campaign, built out of consumer insights, says Bill Beck, Senior Director Mass Brands & Channel Marketing, at Whirlpool in an interview with Beet.TV from the CES show. The campaign consists of TV, social, and digital, with online video as one of the centerpieces.

The newest campaign grew out of the consumer focus on the “how and why” of appliance use. “We wanted to capture the true insight of real life. Our current ad has a mom asking a kid ‘how did you do this?'” he explains. Whirlpool has also designed new washing machines tied into this insight – the dashboard of the machine poses the questions “what do you want to wash and how do you want to wash it?”

Because Whirlpool’s products fall in the durable category, Beck says the company measures brand health metrics to evaluate the success of the campaign. “We look at if we are increasing awareness, brand preference, purchase intent and consideration. Those are the four to focus on and we are increasing across all four,” he said. In the social realm, Whirlpool measures sentiment, and that’s on the rise. With digital, the brand also focuses on engagement and how consumers interact with the brand.

Whirlpool’s agency for the campaign is DigitasLBi.

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