LAS VEGAS — Brands can make a case for shifting budget from TV to digital, says Paul Neto, Research Director at video technology firm YuMe, in an interview with Beet.TV at CES. “We are finding benefits in reach and frequency. It’s about how digital can complement TV,” he says.

YuMe has delved into multi-platform ad research with Nielsen and others to determine the benefits of cross-platform exposure to ads for brands. One of its studies found that if brands are trying to reach young men, shifting 10% to 30% of the budget from TV to digital can increase reach by 6% to 11%.

Next up this year YuMe plans to conduct an ethnographic study on multi-tasking behavior as well as a neuroscience study on how individuals engage during multi-screen ad exposures.

We spoke with him  the 2nd Screen Summit where he was a speaker.

Neto was interviewed for Beet.TV by Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and founder of Furious Corp, at the Consumer Electronics Show. Beet.TV coverage of CES 2015 is sponsored by Adobe Primetime. Find all the coverage here.