The success of a video campaign can be measured by a range of different metrics and they often vary by the campaign or clients, says Stephanie Mustari, Director of Programmatic Media at Havas, in a panel interview with Elaine Boxer, Director of Industry Initiatives at the IAB

“There is always a KPI when we launch a campaign,” Mustari says. “Typically with video it will be completion or click through, and we always will optimize to the KPI, but taking a look at all the metrics is important. As we test outstream,we try to attribute back to the ad format so we can understand the power of one versus another.”

Other goals that are often measured for video campaigns are engagement, shares, completed views and brand lift, according to the other panelists at the session. The key is to always optimize the campaign as data comes in, says Lindsay Lichtenberg, VP and Director of Publishing Platform and Partnerships at Starcom MediaVest,

Mustari, Lichtenberg and the other panelists were interviewed earlier this month at the Beet.TV video summit about video advertising outside of the pre-roll. The event was presented by Teads.