‘Context Is King’ For Native Video Advertising

CHICAGO — “Native” advertising gathered a head of steam in 2014 but, with as many definitions as there are people trying the technology, what do some leading ad tech execs think makes the concept tick? “There are a lot of different definitions of ‘native’ advertising,” according to outstream ads technology vendor Teads’ US GM Jim […]


KPI Optimization Critical in Video Campaigns

The success of a video campaign can be measured by a range of different metrics and they often vary by the campaign or clients, says Stephanie Mustari, Director of Programmatic Media at Havas, in a panel interview with Elaine Boxer, Director of Industry Initiatives at the IAB “There is always a KPI when we launch a […]


How Ad Execs Think Differently About Mobile

CHICAGO — Mobile attracts different consumers in a different mindset than traditional digital media. So how can agencies get out of the “shovelware” mindset and give mobile users something more likely to yield results? A Beet.TV panel discussion heard executives’ answers: Maxus strategic planning director Jill Langan: “There are opportunities to use mobile as a […]


Meredith Experiments with Native Ads

Meredith is expanding further into native video ads, and has plans to roll out more in the coming months, says Laura Rowley, VP of Video Production and Product for the Meredith National Media Group, a media and marketing company serving women, in an interview with Beet.TV. The media company focuses four types of video ads: pre-roll, […]


Slate Publisher Sees ‘Huge Business’ Potential In Podcasts

CHICAGO — For many, it is a forgotten medium that never quite fulfilled its promise. But podcast publishers who have done well tend to have done really well. Webzine Slate, a veteran talk podcast show producer, had six million downloads last month, publisher Anthony DeMaio tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “We think there’s a huge […]


First-Party Data Helps Meredith With Video Content Strategy

First-party data is critical to deliver video content to the right audiences, says Laura Rowley, VP of Video Production and Product for the Meredith National Media Group, a media and marketing company serving women, in an interview with Beet.TV. Meredith has grown its video viewership in the last year to 30 to 40 million views […]


Out-Stream Gives Slate 10x Video Ad Boost

CHICAGO — Webzine Slate may be producing some video of its own nowadays but, as a text specialist, the outlet may never make enough to satisfy booming advertiser demand for video ad inventory. That’s why the publisher is using InRead, an ad format from vendor Teads which allows sites to inject video ads between text […]


Cars.com’s Kraut Sees Ad Value In Data After Gannett Sale

CHICAGO — A couple of months after US news publisher Gannett finalized its purchase of the remainder of Cars.com, the autos classified site is revving up to combine data points and its new owner’s heft to sell ads. “There’s a lot of data … our advertisers would love to have the ability to work across […]


Satisfying Readers Is Key To Content Marketing: Digitas’ Mark Book

CHICAGO — DigitasLbi’s “Perceptions Of Care” video campaign for Whirlpool has won rave reviews from ad watchers, after the agency worked with popular web publisher Upworthy to craft the campaign as a pair of videos. The campaign has generated some hefty social media views. So what was the secret? “It has a real brand product […]


More Data Needed For Personalized Ads: SMG’s Lichtenberg

CHICAGO — Digital ads can begin to reach individual consumers with specific messages based on unique characteristics – but only if computers know enough to target them, says one ad agency exec. “When I think about the future of video, I think about more personalized experiences,” SMG publishing platform and partnerships VP Lindsay Lichtenberg tells […]


The Problem With Video Pre-Rolls: Teads’ Jim Daily

CHICAGO — It’s only natural that online video advertising takes after television advertising – after all, both media are about moving pictures. But, whilst the forms may be similar, advertiser results can vary across each, according to a tech exec. “It’s a similar experience to what we see on TV,” North America MD Jim Daily […]


Themed Content Drives Higher Engagement in Brand Messages, SMG’s Lichtenberg

Brands will be most successful in creating video content if they understand which platforms their consumers like these days, says Lindsay Lichtenberg, VP and Director of Publishing Platform and Partnerships at Starcom MediaVest, in an interview with Elaine Boxer, Director of Industry Initiatives at the IAB. “It all comes down to the content strategy. How do my […]


Branded Video Now Driven by Data, Audiences, Digitas’ Mark Book

Branded video has evolved from a “post and hope” approach to a data-driven strategy, says Mark Book, VP and Director of Social Content at Digitas LBi, in an interview with Elaine Boxer, Director of Industry Initiatives at the IAB. “It’s about using data to be strategic about how you reach people in a contextual way,” he […]


Branded Video Goals Wide Ranging by Brand, Maxus’ Jill Langan

Branded content goals vary widely by client, but can be used to deliver on a range of marketing goals, says Jill Langan, Senior Partner and Strategic Planning Director at Maxus, in an interview with Elaine Boxer, Director of Industry Initiatives at the IAB. Some Maxus clients lean on branded video to change brand perception. “We […]


Slate, Others, Will Form Network To Exploit ‘Resurgent’ Podcast Interest

CHICAGO — Serial, the episodic non-fiction crime story in podcast form, has re-energized a medium many had thought flickered out before it ever really caught fire – and now web publishers are set to respond by forming a modern podcast network to capture th enew consumer enthusiasm. “We’re seeing a resurgence – a renaissance, if […]


Meredith Marries Mobile Video And ‘Helpful Marketing’

CHICAGO — Fresh from its deal to run Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings magazines, Family Circle publisher Meredith is busy melding utilitarian content and opportunistic commerce for its legions of followers. “We have seen about a 100% increase on mobile – everything we produce, we’re thinking mobile-first,” according to the company’s video production and […]