LAS VEGAS — As Yahoo integrates Tumblr via the acquisition, Tumblr’s sponsored posts will now be powered by Yahoo ads, says Lee Brown, Global Head of Brand Partnerships at Tumblr, during an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show. “That lets us accelerate our ad technology by leveraging the technology Yahoo has already built,” he says in this conversation with Mindshare’s Chief Strategy Officer Jordan Bitterman at the event, where Yahoo shared many of the details of the integration.

“We can offer rich targeting in our sponsored posts and we can bring in the ability to pay only when people are engaging in the content,” Brown says. In addition, Tumblr can provide analytics and insight into consumers, such as age, gender, demographics, location and interest. Marketers have been asking for these analytics to help inform their content strategy, he adds.

At the show, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer delved into some of the company’s plans for Tumblr in her presentation. That includes Yahoo Digital Magazines, which are sections of Yahoo News, powered by Tumblr. For more insight into how these integrations might unfold, check out this video interview.

Ths video was produced by Beet.TV at the Mindshare Client Huddle at CES.