Some advertisers create three or four different versions of ads for differing demographic targets. Eyeview creates tens of thousands.

The New York- and Tel Aviv-based ad tech firm, which took an $8.1 million third funding round this summer, draws on many data sources to create personalized ads for agencies.

“They always come with this one creative, if at all,” CEO Oren Harnevo tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “Once we know the different people they’re aiming for, we’re able to take their one creative or create, from scratch, literally hundreds of thousands of different creatives to fit every different type of person. On average, we do about 50,000 ads per campaign.”

Eyeview uses location, weather, time, social, demographic and other data to generate its profiles. Then it plugs in to multiple ad exchanges, demand-side platforms and premium publishers to place the ads.

This year’s progress has been all about building team and building market awareness of the benefits of personalization. Eyeview added offices in LA, Chicago and Detroit.

But Harnevo, who last spoke with Beet.TV a couple of years ago, says: “Mobile and global will be the biggest places we can grow (in 2014). Video is still at a very early stage.”

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