Viewability of video ads varies widely depending on the ad environment. That’s the finding of a just released report from Tremor Video’s VideoHub unit, analyzing viewability of 2.3 billion video ad impressions in the first quarter. During that time period, Tremor found that the average viewability clocked in at 83%. Viewability refers, quite simply, to how visible an ad is on a page. That’s an important measurement of campaign performance, says Anthony Risicato, General Manager of VideoHub at Tremor Video, in an interview with Beet.TV.

Video ads fared best on broadcast TV sites with 89% viewability, 82% on cable TV sites, 78% on web-only destinations or portals, and 73% on ad networks and exchanges. Overall, viewability ranged from 43% on the low side to 94% on the high side.

Risicato spoke to Beet.TV earlier this year about the importance of ads being in view and Tremor’s efforts to measure viewability. We have republished this video today.



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