VideoHub’s Programmatic Buying Platform Built on “Analytics Lens”

VIEQUES, PR — Time was, ad spots were bought against content consumed by specific audience demographics. Many buyers still buy this way, even with programmatic automation. But VideoHub‘s Anthony Risicato says deeper data can trump demographics. “The historical research tells us that specific groups of men or women will be interested or not interested in […]


Tremor Video’s New DSP Focused on Performance Metrics

Tremor Video is aiming to layer performance-level goals into programmatic buying with the launch of its new DSP, VideoHub Connect,   says Kelly McEttrick, VP Strategy at VideoHub during an interview with Beet.TV taped during Advertising Week at the OMMA summit. VideoHub Connect enables programmatic video buying. “We don’t feel that buying media cheaper is a problem […]


Video Ads Average 83% Viewability in First Quarter, VideoHub Finds

Viewability of video ads varies widely depending on the ad environment. That’s the finding of a just released report from Tremor Video’s VideoHub unit, analyzing viewability of 2.3 billion video ad impressions in the first quarter. During that time period, Tremor found that the average viewability clocked in at 83%. Viewability refers, quite simply, to […]