CANNES — Tremor Video has seen a big jump in digital video buying based on cost per engagement or brand lift says, Melinda McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer for Tremor Video, during an interview with Beet.TV. In fact, Tremor’s cost-per-engagement business is growing at a rapid clip with big brands, she says.

We see performance pricing as the answer for more measurable brand lift online. We looked at hundreds of campaigns and millions of streams to track what someone does with an ad…We generally see an 8% to 10% lift in brand when someone interacts with an ad,” she says. “We believe in both cost-per-engagement or brand lift [as pricing models].” As more data and insight on the results of this kind of pricing become available, she expects to see more performance-based pricing across the board in the industry.

For more insight into what’s next in standardized metrics, engagement, and the role of brand marketers in digital video, check out this video interview.

Tremor presented a session on interactive advertising as part of the TechTalk presented by MediaLink.


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