Tremor Video CMO: Performance Pricing on the Rise

CANNES — Tremor Video has seen a big jump in digital video buying based on cost per engagement or brand lift says, Melinda McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer for Tremor Video, during an interview with Beet.TV. In fact, Tremor’s cost-per-engagement business is growing at a rapid clip with big brands, she says. “We see performance pricing as […]


Creative Production Company Builds Interactive Videos for Amex, Google

CANNES — Immersive and interactive storytelling are becoming more vital for brands, commercials and branded content, says Ari Kuschnir, CEO, co-founder and Executive Producer at m ss ng p eces, during an interview with Beet.TV. Kuschnir heads up a creative production company that has developed a range of interactive digital content for brands including Google, American Express, Red […]


Starcom’s Hoffman: In-Stream Ads On Path for More Relevance, Targeting

CANNES — Ideally, in-stream video advertising will give viewers control and let them impact the narrative in the future, says Jonathan Hoffman, President of Experience Design at Starcom MediaVest Group, during an interview with Beet.TV. With targeting techniques available, viewers now expect they’ll be shown or served something that is relevant emotionally and contextually. “It […]


Tremor’s Sanderson: Creative Teams Should Build Interactive Into Video During Media Planning

CANNES — Repurposing TV spots for online video doesn’t give brands the best creative canvas for the digital medium, says David Sanderson, Senior Creative Director at Tremor Video, during an interview with Beet.TV. For instance, if engagement is an important metric for the media team, the creative team should build formats with that in mind […]


Beyond The Pre-Roll: Creatives Want To Make Truly Interactive Ads

CANNES — Video publishers are increasing the frequency and length of pre-roll ads that have become the medium’s de facto monetisation method. But some in advertising believe brands are better off by ditching interruptive methods and instead making highly engaging ads. During this nine-minute-long TechTalk session at Cannes Lions presented by Tremor Video, four execs talked […]


Video: Adweek’s Cooper on Risks for Publishers Around Native Advertising

CANNES – While so called “native advertising,” meaning advertising messages integrated into what might appear as editorial content, is growing as publishers seek new sources of revenues, there is a danger that such content can diminish a brand’s editorial standing, says James Cooper, Editorial Director of Adweek, in this interview with Beet.TV. Cooper cites BuzzFeed […]