Veveo, a Boston area start-up has "largely succeeded" in bringing effective video search and feed management to mobile devices, says Business Week’s Stephen Wildstrom in a recent review.

The company’s product is called vTap.  It is a downloadable application for mobile devices. Once installed, users can search under various terms.  Feeds under specific search terms can be established.

Somehow the vTap system manages to instantly transcodes videos to play on the user’s handset.  Beet.TV comes up looking very good indeed.  Too bad I can’t watch videos on my BlackBerry, yet.

In September I interviewed founder Murali Aravamudan. Murali founded Northwest Venture-based Winphoria Networks, a company later sold to Motorola for $179 million in 2003.

I caught up with vTap’s GM Daren Gill at Digital Hollywood earlier this month.  He explains how this works and provides a demo.

— Andy Plesser