The World Economic Forum in Davos has been the super exclusive gathering for the world’s leaders in government, business and academia.

It’s been covered by a very small group of journalists including The New York Times John Markoff
Markoff blogs about the big presence this year of Silicon Valley execs and its elite bloggers.   

Bloggers are out in force: Micheal Arrington, Loic Le Meur, Jeff Jarvis and Robert Scoble are on the scene. Robert is using a mobile phone and QIK connection to stream video live from Davos.

Earlier today, he interviewed jet-lagged Michael Arrington who is complaining about the cold, his lack of winter clothes and wonders why the conference couldn’t be in Hawaii! Hah!

The QIK platform very functional as each unedited "episode" is organized on his QIK page.  While the quality of the image and sound is not great, the stream seems pretty smooth. And you can join the conversation via chat.  Sure the interview style is laid back, informal and meanders a bit, as is Robert’s style — but what an amazing ticket to Davos!  Wow.

Here’s Reuters report on developments this morning.  Here’s a story from the New York Times about economic anxiety surrounding this year’s forum.

Here’s Robert’s text reporting on the Scobleizer.

— Andy Plesser