Earlier today, Akamai announced a new initiative to offer live video support for Flash video playback. The giant content distribution network (CDN) company said the new initiative supports On2 Technologies VP6 Codec used in Adobe’s latest Flash Player.

This is another indication of the imminent proliferation of live streaming Flash video.

At the Streaming Media East conference in New York today, I sat down with Akamai’s Thierry Curis who explained the new initiative and the reasons that Akamai needs to offer a new CDN architecture specially for live Flash.

Beet.TV to Go Live Tomorrow!

Speaking of live Flash video, Beet.TV will stream live from Streaming Media East tomorrow from 11 am to 1 pm EST.  Please tune in to our little experiment.  Not sure if it will be the new "golden age" of television, but we’ll have some fun and have some interesting guests.

— Andy Plesser

Coming Clean: As previously disclosed but I’ll mention it again, On2 Technologies is a client of Plesser Holland, the publisher of Beet.TV

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