The next big frontier for online video advertising may well be ads inserted into P2P content.  Revver, which announced yesterday that it will distribute video clips through P2P, is using its proprietary ad serving technology to insert and manage ads traveling around the P2P networks.

In my second interview, Steven Starr, CEO of Revver discusses the opportunity for monetization of content in P2P.

Beet.TV has learned that Revver API, which has been open for several months, can enable content creators to serve ads in the P2P world.  Very cool.

I just spoke with a highly placed media planner in New York who said that this new approach by to managing ads dynamically within P2P could be a "big breakthrough."

A big boost to P2P advertising has just happened as Joost announced the inclusion of advertising in its offering. While not a truly open P2P platform, Joost has its roots in the medium. The New York Times has the scoop today.  Here’s the press release that was issued by Joost a few moments ago.

In a related development, the big player in this space, BitTorrent has started beta test of ad insertions into video into segments from the G4 technology broadband TV show. The ad serving is being provided by YuMe Networks.

This seems novel to us and might be an entirely new way to monetize online video.  We shall see.

— Andy Plesser

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