CANNES — Repurposing TV spots for online video doesn’t give brands the best creative canvas for the digital medium, says David Sanderson, Senior Creative Director at Tremor Video, during an interview with Beet.TV. For instance, if engagement is an important metric for the media team, the creative team should build formats with that in mind from the get-go rather than by retrofitting, he adds.

“The task for creative teams is to become more involved with the creative upfront so they know there will be different treatments [for digital and TV],” he says. “If you do that from the beginning you aren’t retrofitting interactive assets on top of your TV spots.”

He urges creative teams to view digital video as an interactive medium and to build for that accordingly. “We look at coupling the creative assets with what the media team’s KPIs are to build a product that can support those visions and get the best results for the brand.” If a digital video ad is a repurposed TV spot, it often fares better with interactive elements in it, such as the chance to watch additional videos or longer videos. “The idea is to engage viewers and get them to hang out and learn more about the brand.”

Sanderson was a participant in a panel at Cannes Lion hosted by Tremor Video.