Tremor Video is aiming to layer performance-level goals into programmatic buying with the launch of its new DSP, VideoHub Connect, says Kelly McEttrick, VP Strategy at VideoHub during an interview with Beet.TV taped during Advertising Week at the OMMA summit. VideoHub Connect enables programmatic video buying.

“We don’t feel that buying media cheaper is a problem we need to solve. What we need to solve is buying media smarter,” McEttrick says. The new platform enables programmatic video buying based on standard touchpoints like price and targeting demos, but it also weaves in performance metrics such as brand lift, ad engagement and completion rates, she says. “Analytics are driving our product set,” she says. “We want to help our customers understand what’s working and make programmatic decisions about marketing touchpoints they value.”

For more insight into Tremor Video’s newest efforts in programmatic video, check out this interview.


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