Agencies and marketers want a tighter coordination between measurement of video and other forms of media, says Eugene Becker, VP Analytics at Group M-owned Xaxis, in an interview with Ashley Swartz, in this segment from the Beet.TV Big Data Summit.

“There is a strong push to link online video planning to TV planning and to look at people who are or are not exposed to TV in the planning of online video,” he says. “We also want a tighter coordination between video and direct response ads so we can convert these people into buyers. If someone sees a video ad, then a display ad, the display performs much better and there are synergies across all media and we need better systems to plan and execute.”

The growth in audience buying is spilling over into other areas of media planning, and is likely to become more prevalent in general. He adds that Xaxis is focused on buying audiences across mediums using a range of third-party and first-party data.

Daisy Whitney