IAB UK’s Chester: Industry Must Calm Marketers’ Programmatic Fears

LONDON —  Advertiser interest in programmatic is growing, but more work needs to be done to better describe and allay fears over the phenomenon, says an exec representing both buy- and sell-side. The make-up of attendees to an Internet Advertising Bureau UK conference on the topic has gone up from 10% advertisers last year to […]


GroupM’s Patel: Video Scarcity Makes Ad Exchanges Unnecessary

LONDON — The rise of automated, “programmatic” ad sales methods means premium publishers may not need to use conventional ad networks anymore, GroupM’s digital media director Krishan Patel. “The level of adoption in display is a lot more given we’re in an environment of oversupply,” Patel says. “In a scarce market such as VOD, do premium […]


Unruly’s Townend: Programmatic Ads Must Embrace Emotion

LONDON — So-called “programmatic” buying and selling of online ads may super-target highly efficient inventory – but that doesn’t mean algorithms really understand consumers’ emotions, says one ad exec. “The programmatic landscape is very obsessed with ‘who’ and ‘what’; it’s not looking at ‘why’,” Phil Townend, EMEA MD of viral video monitor Unruly Media, tells beet.TV, […]


IAB’s Chester: Programmatic Has Significant Market Share

LONDON — We know that automated, so-called “programmatic” purchasing of online ad space is important and growing. But how important, and how fast is it growing? “We don’t have any independent figures at the moment,” the Internet Advertising Bureau UK‘s data and industry programmes head Steve Chester tells Beet.TV. “We will have that next year […]


WPP’s GroupM Unit Says Half of Agency’s Video Ads in EMEA are “Targeted”

LONDON –Videos is the fastest part of Xaxis, the data and technology of GroupM, media agency division of  WPP.  It has been a “watershed” year where the agency is using data to target about half of its video buying across the EMEA region, says Caspar Schlickum, MD of EMEA, in this interview with Beet.TV The […]


Xaxis’ UK Chief: Advertisers Spend Channel-by-Channel, Not Multiscreen

LONDON — Consumers are using many different digital devices to watch content and advertising. But ads are still being bought with an air of fragmentation, says one executive. “Mobile is still a very, very tiny fraction of advertising spend,” says Nicolas Bidon, UK MD of GroupM’s Xaxis data-handling unit in this interview with Beet.TV “The […]


Videology’s Eisenstein: Programmatic Is Broad And Getting Bigger

LONDON — “Programmatic” ad-buying, so much talked about through 2013 yet apparently so misunderstood, may be giving way to a clear and flexible definition of the practices it encompasses. Videology global accounts director Jana Eisenstein tells Beet.TV: “Our definition of ‘programmatic’ is automating media buying,  integrating supply and demand, making decisions in real-time and optimizing against […]


Starcom’s Isaacs: Majority Of Video Ads Could Be Programmatic

NAPA, Ca — For video, adoption of automated, targeted inventory buying labelled “programmatic” lags the wave seen in display advertising. But, soon, that could all be about to change, says one agency exec. “Right now, we’re still somewhere at the forefront,” Starcom’s video investment director Zach Isaacs tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “(Programmatic’s share […]


Creative Advertising Essential for Programmatic, Ashley Swartz Reports from TubeMogul Event

NAPA, CA — Programmatic video is becoming a more holistic part of media plans, but challenges remain in creative, liquidity and more refined targeting, says Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious Minds, in this round-up summary report for Beet.TV,  from the TubeMogul  event that concluded today. “Creative optimization and getting creatives more involved […]


Ascension of Programmatic Advertising Demands More Industry Understanding, SpotXchange’s Shehan

One of the challenges for premium publishers in programmatic buying is navigating the complexity of the buy side of the ecosystem, says Mike Shehan, CEO and Founder of SpotXchange in this video segment with industry analyst Joanna O’Connell. “There are direct buys and direct sales, and traditional ad servers are excellent for servicing those. Then […]


Magna Global Sees 40% Rise in Programmatic Video

Magna Global is seeing upwards of 40% growth in programmatic video buying year over year, says Neeraj Kochar, Managing Director of Programmatic at Magna Global, during an interview with Forrester analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV. Much of the increase is coming from brand dollars, Kohcar tells Beet.TV. The media agency is betting big on automated […]


Xaxis’ Gleason: TV, Not Digital, Is Key To Programmatic Video

Buying of online display ads through automated, “programmatic” techniques is booming, redefining that segment of the industry. So when will the same happen to video-format ads? “Programmatic video has not grown as quickly as our overall business in north America,” says Brian Gleason, the north America MD of GroupM’s data unit Xaxis admits to Beet.TV […]


Programmatic Lures New Lifestyle Buyers, says Zoopla’s Steph Miller

COLOGNE — The rise in programmatic buying tactics is helping the UK-based property portal Zoopla to land new lifestyle-centric brands, says Steph Miller, the programmatic trading manager at Zoopla in an interview with Ashley J. Swartz for Beet.TV from DMEXCO. Programmatic advertising has helped lure auto and travel marketers, in addition to insurance and mortgage companies, because […]


As Programmatic Buying Becomes Ubiquitous, Research Must Follow, Starcom’s Paull

CHICAGO — As programmatic buying becomes more widepread, agencies are spending less time convincing clients to try it and more time making the deals, says Tracey Paull, Senior VP and Digital Media Director at Starcom in an interview with industry analyst Ashley Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious Minds at the Beet.TV Programmatic Video Advertising Summit. Many clients try […]


Group M’s Boserup: Programmatic Buying to Become Dominant Trading Method

CANNES – Programmatic buying is on pace to become the default buying method for trading digital ad inventory, says Johan Boserup, Global CEO GroupM Trading in an interview with Beet.TV. He adds that while programmatic buying won’t be the only way to buy, it will take a bigger share. However, he warns that digital video as […]


New Programmatic TV Buying Platform Applies Digital Practices to TV

Launched in the first quarter of 2013, AudienceXpress, an automated sales platform for selling TV audience impressions, allows advertisers to focus on particular target audiences – but automates the process. We spoke with Walt Horstman, general manager of AudienceXpress, in our New York studio. Using the best practices of digital audience buying, the New York-based […]


Programmatic Buying Takes Hold in UK Market

LONDON – Programmatic buying is growing quickly in the United Kingdom and beginning to take hold not only in display but in online video as well, says Nicholas Bidon, UK Managing Director Xaxis. About 12 percent of ad spend in the UK in 2012 came from programmatic buying and this sector of the market is on […]


Adap.tv Focuses on Audience Targeting, Nielsen Campaign Ratings Tools

LONDON – Via its partnership with Nielsen, Adap.tv is aiming to help agencies and trading desks view online video and TV inventory side-by-side when making buying and planning decisions, says Brian Fitzpatrick, managing director Europe for Adap.tv during an interview with Beet.TV in London last week about the role of trading desks and programmatic buying in […]


Private Exchanges Spur Growth in Programmatic Buying

CANNES — Private exchanges for programmatic ad buying will play a vital role in growing the overall audience-based buying business, says Jana Eisenstein, Managing Director Videology UK, an advertising technology platform, during an interview with Beet.TV at MIPTV 2013.

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