LONDON — We know that automated, so-called “programmatic” purchasing of online ad space is important and growing. But how important, and how fast is it growing?

“We don’t have any independent figures at the moment,” the Internet Advertising Bureau UK‘s data and industry programmes head Steve Chester tells Beet.TV. “We will have that next year – that will be an industry-first, a completely independent size-of-the-market survey.

“But there are various surveys that are in-market suggesting that this year it represents about 10 to 15% of digital display spend – a significant proportion of the market.”

EMarketer sees programmatic spend comprising 29% of US digital display ad budgets in 2013, rising to 29% in 2017. IAB UK represents online advertisers, agencies and publishers in the UK.

This video was recorded  at the Beet.TV programmatic video leadership summit sponsored by Videology, hosted by Xaxis at the London offices of GroupM.