NAPA, CA — Programmatic video is becoming a more holistic part of media plans, but challenges remain in creative, liquidity and more refined targeting, says Ashley J. Swartz, CEO and Founder of Furious Minds, in this round-up summary report for Beet.TV,  from the TubeMogul  event that concluded today.

“Creative optimization and getting creatives more involved in programmatic is important,” she says in this video report. She also notes that programmatic buying is shifting from an operationally driven method to a more strategic one centered on ROI and performance now. But the data available for targeting needs to become more specific and nuanced, she says. “If we are just defaulting to age and gender, we have a ways to go as an industry.”

Liquidity also remains a hurdle as there’s still a shortage of premium video, she says. “As that changes and supply and demand meet, does the liquid marketplace afford and fund content?”