LONDON – Via its partnership with Nielsen, is aiming to help agencies and trading desks view online video and TV inventory side-by-side when making buying and planning decisions, says Brian Fitzpatrick, managing director Europe for during an interview with Beet.TV in London last week about the role of trading desks and programmatic buying in the growth of digital video. has been using Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings to help make inroads into TV dollars and budgets. In addition, is also focusing on growing its business in the private exchange marketplace. “It’s up to the technology companies like us to make it as easy to understand as possible,” he says. In video, there is still a shortage of quality inventory. That also means that broadcasters and traditional media companies can set the “floor prices” for their inventory that is sold on a programmatic basis, giving them more control, he explains.’s customers include publishers, agencies, trading desks and ad networks.

-Daisy Whitney

Updated August 7, AOL has announced the acquisition of