One of the challenges for premium publishers in programmatic buying is navigating the complexity of the buy side of the ecosystem, says Mike Shehan, CEO and Founder of SpotXchange in this video segment with industry analyst Joanna O’Connell.

“There are direct buys and direct sales, and traditional ad servers are excellent for servicing those. Then you have ad network buys and they want to buy on an optional basis, and you have DSPs and they want to buy on a programmatic basis,”  he says.

Part of those complexities will be solved with education of the market, he adds. “We can use all the programmatic terminology in the world, but our job is to train the direct sales team on the publisher side on how to work with these agency trading desks, and DSPs, and it is hard and it will take years, and it will take the buy side to say to the publisher side, ‘this is how we want to work with you,'” he says. “The buy side is starting to clamor for programmatic buying.”

In fact, brands are driving much of the programmatic growth now as they turn to this buying approach for the ability to target segments. “It’s about reaching an audience and that requires complete transparency,” he says. SpotXchange recently launched a new platform that’s designed to provide more insight into online real-time buying for publishers.

For more insight into maximizing yield, and new trends in programmatic buying, check out this video.

This segment was from the Beet.TV leadership summit on premium programmatic video advertising presented by SpotXchange and hosted by The Hearst Corporation. Please find other clips from the event right here.

Note:  Joanna O’Connell is leaving Forrester to join AdExchanger, it was announced on September 25.  This taping took place on September 17.