Magna Global is seeing upwards of 40% growth in programmatic video buying year over year, says Neeraj Kochar, Managing Director of Programmatic at Magna Global, during an interview with Forrester analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV. Much of the increase is coming from brand dollars, Kohcar tells Beet.TV.

The media agency is betting big on automated media and expects programmatic and automated buying to account for 50% of all media buys at Magna Global by 2016. Real-time buying is defined as media buys that can be informed by data, in real-time, to determine what kind of message to delivered, Kochar says. Magna Global relies on a range of first-party and third-party data to fuel buying, and also works closely with creative agencies to develop the best messaging targeted to meaningful segments, he says.

Data is also vital for measuring the ROI. “We believe programmatic and automation stands to benefit both the supply side and the buy side. We want to tie it to business outcomes and to tie media spend to actual key business metrics,” he says. He added that he’s seen an increase in the number of publishers approaching Magna Global about creating private marketplaces for programmatic buying.

This segment was from the Beet.TV leadership summit on premium programmatic video advertising presented by SpotXchange and hosted by The Hearst Corporation. Please find other clips from the event right here.

Note: Joanna O’Connell is leaving Forrester to join AdExchanger, it was announced on September 25.  This taping took place on September 17.