CANNES — Private exchanges for programmatic ad buying will play a vital role in growing the overall audience-based buying business, says Jana Eisenstein, Managing Director Videology UK, an advertising technology platform, during an interview with Beet.TV at MIPTV 2013.

Private exchanges will help media owners become more comfortable with programmatic buying because such buying mechanisms let  them sell inventory to approved and selected brands, she explains. “Media owners are understanding the value of programmatic buying. That if they’ve got much sought-after inventory they may have a higher yield…and it provides a good outlet in times of peak demand.”

Videology relies on a variety of data to target online video buys in a real-time bidding environment. An optimization algorithm as well as forecasting tools help determine the context of the impression and how to allocate across a campaign, she tells us. For more insight into how data informs programmatic buying, check out this video interview.

–Daisy Whitney