Ooyala Raises $22 Million in New Funding: Lands GigaOM, Business Insider and TechCrunch as Customers

Ooyala, the fast-growing online video platform company, has raised $22 million, brining the total raised to $42 million, the company just announced.


Taboola Pioneers “Text to Video” for Bloomberg, CNN and Revision3

Taboola, the video recommendation engine which is used by publishers to provide "related" or "recommended" videos at the end of clips, has introduced a system for publishers to offer up recommended video thumbnails at around text articles.


Cisco Buys Boston’s ExtendMedia for Undisclosed Sum

Cisco, ramping up its efforts around online video management services, has purchased Boston-based ExtendMedia for an undisclosed sum, Cisco announded today.


Warner Taps AlphaBird for Syndication Services for Web Video Series

San Francisco-based web video syndicator AlphaBird is handling syndication services for Warner Studio 2.0 Web originals, the company announced today. 


BlackBerry and Video News Tool, Kyte Announces Platform Integration

While camera phones and mobile devices have been used by news reporters to shoot and send video for some time,  the BlackBerry has been mostly a communications tool.  With a more sophisticated video camera on later models, this could change.


IAC’s Vimeo Video Sharing Site Now Live on Roku Box

Vimeo, the online video site, a unit of IAC, will now provide video distribution to the television set via Roku, the companies announced today.


Brightcove Links With Akamai for Global Content Delivery Services

Brightcove, the big online video platform has switched to Akamai as its primary content delivery network, both companies have announced.


Online Video Platform Twistage Gaining Traction with Enterprise Customers

New York-based online video platform company Twistage has been gaining traction in addressing the needs of companies' internal "enterprise" needs for online video management.


Big CDN Limelight Purchases Seattle’s OVP Delve Networks

Limelight, the big content delivery network, has purchased Delve Networks, the Seattle-based online video platform company. 


5MIN’s CEO: Content Creators “Have No ROI” in Producing Videos Just for Their Own Destination

Ran Harnevo, CEO of the big online video syndicator 5MIN, says that without a syndication strategy, there is no direct ROI around video for content producers.


Hollywood Agent: Web Video Series Need a Global Release Plan

LOS ANGELES — Digital shows increasingly should have multi-tiered international release strategies, said David Tochterman, a digital agent with Innovative Artists who sat down with Beet.TV at  NATPE LA TV Fest. 


Verizon Wireless Readies App Developer Support for Android — Network Keeping up with Smartphone Demand

Verizon Wireless will "soon" introduce a comprehensive App development platform for Android OS, says Jennifer Byrne, Executive Director of New Business Development & Partnership at Verizon Wireless.


Reducing Buffering for World Cup Viewers, Conviva Managed 200 Million Video Views

Conviva, a California software company which allows video publishers to micromanage bandwidth speeds delivered to individual consumers, has successfully deployed its technology for several global broadcasters for the World Cup, the company said today.


For Online Video Delivery, “Technology Curve is Accelerating,” Brightcove CTO Bob Mason

While the issues surrounding playing video on a Web browser are "solved," the technology curve around video delivery is increasing and accelerating with the introduction of several mobile platforms and connected TV's.


comScore: Web Video Syndicator 5min Has 30 Million Uniques and Over 100 Video Views in May

5min, the syndicator of "how to" Web videos, is expanding to news, starting with gossip news, says CEO Ran Harnevo in this video interview.


Half of Web Video Publishers Have Syndication Plans in Place

No longer depending on video views on their big destination sites, as many as half of premium publishers, including Fox and MSNBC.com, have in place a syndication plan to get their videos seen around the Web, says Scot McLernon, Chief Revenue Officer of YuMe, a video advertising technology company.


Big Screens Loom Large for Web Video: Revision3 Says 40 Percent of Views on TVs

Revision3, the San Francisco-based producer and distributor of entertainment Web video, has found that over 40 percent of its viewers watch shows on Web-connected televisions.


KickApps Synchs with Adobe for Open Source Flash Video Player

As the HTML 5 versus Flash debate rages on, the yeoman's Web work being done by many media companies still relies on Flash-powered video. 


Multi-Platform Strategy Essential for Web Publishers as Viewers Watch Videos on Devices in Big Numbers

In today's Wall Street Journal, Jessica Vascellaro reports on the growth of long-form Web video.  She quotes Jim Louderback saying that as much as 40 percent of Revision3's Web video programming is watched on television and other non-computer devices.


Ooyala Integrates YouTube Clips into its Publishing Platform

Ooyala, the Mountain View-based online video services company founded by several ex-Googlers, is providing customers the ability to publish YouTube clips into the publishing system and on an Ooyala player.

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