Verizon Wireless will "soon" introduce a comprehensive App development platform for Android OS, says Jennifer Byrne, Executive Director of New Business Development & Partnership at Verizon Wireless.

The developer kit has been available for the RIM platform.

A Verizon spokeswoman declined to provide a date for the launch of Android developer support.

In addition to providing development tools, Verizon is providing advertising support with the integration of AdMarvel, she explains.

As far as managing network bandwidth demand from smart phones, Byne says the system is doing fine.

Update:  She told Engadget that Droid X users are gobbling up 5X the data of normal phone users.

I caught up with Byrne yesterday in New York at the paidContent Mobile conference where she was a speaker.  This is the first of several video interviews from the event.

Below is a shot of a panel from yesterday moderated by by Staci Kramer, co-editor of paidContent (l), Bryrne, Nina Zagat, the BBC's Miranda Cresswell and Brian Perez GM of NBA Digital.


Andy Plesser