San Francisco-based web video syndicator AlphaBird is handling syndication services for Warner Studio 2.0 Web originals, the company announced today

The principal outlet for the series will be DailyMotion. 

Chase Norlin, CEO of AlphaBird explained the role of his company in getting visibility for the Warner Web series.  

"Alphabird does video syndication, that’s all we do and we have the relationships and expertise to negotiate these syndication deals much more favorably than just uploading to DailyMotion.  For example, if they uploaded to DailyMotion they’d get no views on the video.  With Alphabird involved, we cut a strategic syndication deal with DailyMotion that gives much higher visibility to the Warner Bros. shows.  We negotiate for placement on the home page.  In fact, every Monday the front page of DailyMotion is skinned with a new episode from Warner Bros, driving much more significant traffic to their shows.  We ensure that these promotions go on throughout the length of the syndication deal."

Earlier this year, Daisy caught up with Norlin for an overview of the company.  We have republished today.

More on the deal by Stuart Elliott in The New York Times.

Andy Plesser